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International Conference
on Environmental Science and Technology 2016

Presentation Topics

    The Conference program will comprise several hundred platform and poster presentations, organized into sessions that will address a variety of disciplines and technologies as well as contaminants. The sessions will be chaired by internationally recognized leaders in environmental sciences and technologies. The following is a tentative list of sessions; the list will be revised as necessary or appropriate during the abstract review process.

    Tentative Presentation Topics

    Session #
    Session Title
    01 Water Pollution and Water Quality Control

    Rivers, Lakes and Estuary Systems

    01-02 Watershed Management
    01-03 Water Resources and Assessment
    01-04 Groundwater
    01-05 Non-point Sources
    01-06 Wastewater Discharge Management
    01-07 In-Situ Measurement and Monitoring
    01-08 Drinking Water
    01-09 Water Qualiy Assessment/Management
    01-10 Nitrogen-Phosphorus Wastewater Treatment
    01-11 Sludge Treatment
    01-12 Municipal Wastewater Biotreatment
    01-13 Industrial Wastewater Biotreatment
    01-14 Adsorption/Desorption for Wastewater Treatment
    01-15 Physicao-chemical Wastewater Treatment
    01-16 Reactions and Degradation of Wastewater Contaminants
    01-17 Nanotechnology Applications
    01-18 Other Topics
    02 Air Pollution and Air Quality Control
    02-01 Aerosol
    02-02 Air Quality Assessment
    02-03 Transport of Air Pollutants
    02-04 Waste Gas Control Techniques
    02-05 Air Pollutant Monitoring
    02-06 Hazardous Gas Biofiltration
    02-07 Catalysts for Reducing Emission
    02-08 Fuel Gas DeSOx, DeNOx, and Metal Removal
    02-09 Air Pollution Prevention and Management
    02-10 Noise
    02-11 Other Topics
    03 Land (Soil, Waste Solid) Pollution and Remediation
    03-01 Contaminants in the Subsurface
    03-02 Natural Attenuation of Contaminants
    03-03 In-Situ Remediation
    03-04 Solid Waste Management
    03-05 On-site and Off-site Remediation
    03-06 Landfill
    03-07 Permeable Reactive Barriers
    03-08 Waste Fuel Site Remediation
    03-09 Waste Recycling
    03-10 Radioactive Waste and Land Pollution
    03-11 Phytoremediation of Orgaic Pollutants
    03-12 Polymer Waste Recycling and Management
    04 Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration
    04-1 Ecosystem Assessment
    04-2 Nutrients and Functions of Ecosystems
    04-3 Restoration of Ecosystems
    04-4 Urban Ecology
    04-5 Other Topics
    05 Bio-Assessment and Toxicology
    05-1 Human Exposure
    05-2 Bio-response and Ecotoxicology
    05-3 Bioavailability and Bio-accumulation
    05-4 Microbial Degradation
    05-5 Detection and Decontamination of Dangerous Biological Agents
    05-6 Other Topics
    06 Wetlands
    06-1 Wetland Conservation
    06-2 Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
    06-3 Other Topics
    07 Sediments
    07-1 Assessment of Sediments
    07-2 Remediation of Contaminated Sediments
    07-3 Other Topics
    08 Global Change
    08-1 Global Warming and its Impacts
    08-2 Carbon Emission Sources and Control
    08-3 Carbon Discharge Reduction
    08-4 Other Topics
    09 Metals
    09-1 Metal Distribution
    09-2 Metal Removal and Remediation
    09-3 Speciation, Bioavailability and Accumulation
    09-4 Phytoremediation
    09-5 Other Topics
    10 Organic Pollutants
    10-1 Characterization of Organic Pollutants
    10-2 Degradation of Persistent Organic Pollutants
    10-3 Other Topics
    11 Modeling
    11-1 Environmental Simulation
    11-2 Water Quality Modeling
    11-3 Inverse Model and Pollution Estimation
    11-4 Other Topics
    12 GIS, Statistics, and Remote Sensing
    12-1 GIS for Environmental Assessment
    12-2 Data Management and Statistics
    12-3 Environmental Remote Sensing Applications
    12-4 Other Topics
    13 Environmental Analysis and Measurements
    13-1 Environmental Analysis
    13-2 Field Measurement Technologies
    13-3 New Method Applications
    13-4 Environmental Monitoring
    13-5 Other Topics
    14 Society and the Environment
    14-1 Society and the Environment
    14-2 Environmental Ethics and Laws
    14-3 Environmental Education
    14-4 Other Topics
    15 Sustainable Development and Environmental Management
    15-1 Environmental Quality and Planningt
    15-2 Sustainable Development
    15-3 Environmental Policy and Management
    15-4 Other Sustainable Development Topics
    16 Renewable Energy Development & Energy Conservation
    16-1 Water Energy Nexus
    16-2 Wind Energy
    16-3 Solar Energy
    16-4 Bio-fuels (methane, Ethanol, ...)
    16-5 Other Renewable Energy Topics



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