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The authors whose EST2005 papers have been published in Engineering in Life Sciences Vol. 6(1), 2006, are listed below. If your name is listed, but you have not received copies of the publication, please contact us at Some EST2005 papers are being published in Engineering in Life Sciences Vol. 6(2), 2006.

Author List

Addagada, A.
Bhatta, C. P.
Bi, X. J.
Cai, Z.
Dahab, M. F.
Dunn, D.
Felmeden, J.
Frechen, F. B.
Hu, C.
Huang, Y. H.
Kawasaki, K.
Kendrick, D.
Kim, D.
Knox, A. S.
Li, J. C.
Matsuda, A.
Nelson, E. A.
Ngo, H. H.
Nguyen, T. V.
Oerther, D. B.
Omori, D.
Paller, M.
Pokhrel, D.
Saikaly, P.
Schier, W.
Seaman, J. C.
Shafagati, A.
Shai, J. L.
Sorial, G. A.
Specht, W. L.
Surampalli, R.
Tharakan, J.
Tomlinson, D.
Ubukada, Y.
Vigneswaran, S.
Viraraghavan, T.
Waldhoff, A.
Wett, M.
Xia, W. X.
Zein, M. M.
Zhang, T. C.
Zheng, X. L.


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