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EST2006, Houston, Texas, USA

Research Periodicals & Book Services Inc. (RPBS) (

Research Periodicals & Book Services Inc. (RPBS) is a leading supplier of science & technology publications from hundreds of renowned publishers around the world. We supply books, back volumes (including complete volume sets in hard copy and microfilm), CD-ROM databases and educational videos. We also provide subscription services to any journal published in the U.S. or Europe. The company has five divisions to serve customers.

Research Periodical Services. (1) Back Volumes in Hard Copy: Long runs and complete backsets of research and scientific journals. Single issues also available. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS. Complete sets 30 to 60 % below publisher's price. (2). Microfilm: We offer 16/35mm microfilm and microfiche, positive or negative. 16mm microfilm is also available in 3M/M-Type or Ektamate/ANSI/E-Type cartridges to satisfy your requirements. We specialize in microfilms of scientific and technical periodicals. Complete volumes and sets are available on this space-saving medium - over 6,000 titles in stock.

Research Periodical Subscription Services. (1) Regular Service - direct delivery from publishers (via airmail or surface mail). (2) Consolidated Service - repackaging and forwarding of all journals to you at regular intervals. Delivery By Airfreight, faster and more convenient than delivery via air or surface mail. (3) Computer generated packing lists - Quarterly status reports - Automatic claiming and renewal. Tremendous savings in staff time.

Research Book Services. Books, monographs, series and society publications such as conference proceedings published by over 2000 of the most respected publishers in North America, Europe and around the world are available on scientific, technical, medical and advanced research subjects. In addition, we carry over 100,000 recent titles in stock in subjects such us agricultural sciences, chemistry, engineering, physics, computer science and medicine. Special volume discounts are available to libraries

Research Cd-Rom Services. Databases in optical compact disks include current awareness data, retrospective citation indexes, as well as directories, encyclopedias, abstracts, reviews and thousands of international journals and proceedings in all sciences with complete bibliographic data, cited references, and author abstracts.
Research Video Services. A great number of academic courses and research titles are available. Topics include mathematics, English as a Second Language, agricultural sciences, computer training, medical training, science teaching, etc.

Clean Air Engineering (

Clean Air Engineering is a company built around a principle-- environmental responsibility and economic prosperity go hand in hand. Since 1972 we've helped hundreds of companies around the world realize this essential truth-- sometimes in small ways, sometimes in very substantial ways. In the process, we developed an unsurpassed reputation for engineering excellence and delivering the highest value to our customers.

First and foremost Clean Air is people. We pride ourselves on the superior training and experience of our technical staff -- unrivalled in the industry. Founded in 1972, our experience over the years in a wide variety of process environments gives our engineers and technicians a unique ability to provide high value to our customers. We deliver more than data -- we uncover the knowledge and information hidden in the numbers that turns environmental costs into bottom line benefits.

While Clean Air offers many compliance-related services, we are not really in the compliance business. To our customers, compliance is not the goal -- it is the starting point for continual environmental improvement. Our objective in working with our customers is to enhance both environmental and financial performance.

How do we do this? Those unfamiliar with Clean Air Engineering may look at a list of our services and try to fit us into a predetermined niche. We hear this all the time - "Oh, you people are the instrument rental company" or "Don't you do precipitator optimizations?" or "I know you. You're a stack testing company."

The truth is that we do all these things and a lot more. Our strength, our uniqueness, lies not in our separate pieces but in the synergy that comes from bringing these pieces together to form an integrated whole.
There's an old saying that goes "If your only tool is a hammer, all your problems look like nails." Clean Air has the tools to approach problems from many angles, and in doing so, to find better solutions.

Environmental Research Letters (

Launching in 2006 by the Institute of Physics (, Environmental Research Letters (ERL) will be the world's first open-access Letters journal to cover the whole of environmental science. ERL's prime aim is to serve the entire environmental science community by publishing free-to-read research Letters of the highest quality and impact covering topics that extend across environmental science. The journal's content will also include news, commentaries, editorials and conference announcements towards establishing the journal as the meeting-place of the research and policy communities concerned with environmental change and management. As an open-access journal ERL is designed to guarantee outstandingly high article visibility and will enable readers across the world to access environmental research of the highest quality regardless of financial means.

ERL is published by the Institute of Physics Publishing, a not for profit learned Society Publisher at the forefront of electronic publishing with a reputation as an established leader in the world of scientific journals and magazines assuring quality and high standards.

Millipore Corporation (

Millipore offers a variety of filtration products for the detection of contaminants in air, water, and soil, as well as fuels and other fluids. Our products are designed to comply with the requirements set forth by WHO, EPA, NIOSH, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies.

United Nations (

Cambridge University Press (