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International Conference
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The objective of the Third International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology will be to provide a major interdisciplinary forum for presenting new approaches from relevant areas of environmental science, to foster integration of the latest developments in scientific research into engineering applications, and to facilitate technology transfer from well-tested ideas into practical products, waste management, remedial processes, and ecosystem restoration. Environmental humanity and sociality such as environmental ethics, environmental law, environmental economy and environmental management are also included in the scope of the conference. Researchers, engineers, site managers, regulatory agents, decision-making officials, consultants, and vendors will all benefit from the opportunity to exchange information on recent research trends, to examine ongoing research programs, and to investigate worldwide public and regulatory acceptance of environmental protection and remediation technologies.

Environmental disturbance and pollution are complex problems worldwide. The current development of modern science and technology combined with management on social and economic activities are contributing more and more to solution of the problems. Although considerable environmental protection work has been and is presently being conducted, a multidisciplinary platform for environmental scientists, engineers, management professionals and governmental officials to discuss the latest developments in environmental research and applications will be very helpful for protecting our global village.

The Conference Chair is Professor Steven K. Starrett of Kansas State University. Cosponsors and the participating partners of the conference will include governmental, academic, and private organizations that are international leaders in environmental research and technology applications.

Outlines of the Conference

550 platform and poster presentations

15 topic groups

60 subsessions

1,500 attendees

50 exhibitors



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