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Shaw Environmental, Inc. (, Co-Sponsor

From restoring contaminated sites like the Fernald Closure Project in Ohio, a former uranium processing facility, to devising innovative solutions to complex environmental issues, such as the removal of MTBE and perchlorate, Shaw is a worldwide leader in environmental protection and remediation. Using our engineering, design, and construction expertise, we work with our clients to: Remediate contamination and restore land to a usable state, safely dispose of hazardous and toxic waste, including high-level waste, Keep the air and water contaminant-free, Respond quickly and efficiently to emergency situations. We have conducted hundreds of site selection, characterization, evaluation, and monitoring studies; prepared conceptual and detailed engineering designs for air emission control and noise control; performed cleanup of high-level hazardous, toxic, and solid waste, including biological weapons; provided management consulting services; prepared environmental permit applications, compliance documents, and impact assessments for hundreds of projects; and completed discipline-specific or multidisciplinary projects throughout the U.S. and abroad. Shaw’s broad experience and multidisciplinary approach provide the expertise and flexibility to meet all environmental project needs.



Cibaâ Expert Services (

Cibaâ Expert Services are knowledge-based services that enhance and strengthen customer business performance. Companies trust Cibaâ Expert Services for access to specialized know-how, resources and equipment. Customers benefit from global service packages that enable them to rapidly implement business strategies. Drawing on core competencies and a global network, Cibaâ Expert Services help a broad range of companies get their products to market faster, increase productivity and improve product quality.  Ciba’s services include: Ciba® Environmental Services which offers professional, conceptual and detailed technical support for the handling of off gases, flue gases, water and waste water treatment; Cibaâ Safety Services which offers consultation, auditing and hazard communications management to minimize hazards associated with powder-handling and chemical manufacture; Cibaâ Regulatory Services which can map fast track and cost effective approaches to help customers enter new markets, introduce new products, and comply with changes in existing regulations; Cibaâ Testing Services whose its full-service, analytical GLP/GMP and material testing laboratories are well equipped to characterize customer’s materials and determine their critical physical and chemical properties.  Based on over a century of experience in manufacturing and technology development, Ciba’s practical knowledge provides a tremendous advantage to its clients.


Elsevier ( and

Elsevier is an international publisher of scientific books, journals and electronic products and provides information to professionals and research scientists with high quality scientific, technical and medical information solutions, using new technology. Top-level journals, such as, Atmospheric Environment, Remote Sensing of Environment, Science of the Total Environment and Journal of Environmental Management demonstrate the important and exciting research published through Elsevier. All our journal publications are available via ScienceDirect ( ScienceDirect is accessible to over 9 million scientists –providing access to 4 million articles, over 60 million abstracts and 1,700 journals. It also provides links to over 170 publishers (via CrossRef).



ENVIRO-Klean Remediation Group, Inc. (

Enviro-Klean Technologies Inc. (EKTI) was formed to take advantage of the lucrative and growing soil remediation business throughout the world. There are literally millions of hydrocarbon (or oil product) contaminated sites throughout the world, and an increasing concern about their affect on man and the environment. EKTI has developed and purchased some unique, patented soil remediation technologies which are called the KLEAN MACHINE®, a portable thermal system capable of cleaning hydrocarbon contaminated soils at the rate of up to 30 tons per hour. The company builds and sells these units worldwide. EKTI employs a talented engineering team to address new and improved technology as required. The company is continually searching for solutions to problems presented by customers throughout the world. If you have a remediation problem call EKTI for the solution.



EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. (          

EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. (ETI) has the exclusive commercialization rights to a patented process developed by the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada that uses zero-valent metals (commonly granular iron) to rapidly degrade halogenated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in groundwater to non-hazardous end products.  This technology known as granular iron reactive wall or permeable reactive barriers (PRB), was recognized as “one of the most exciting developments in treating contaminated groundwater” (US EPA, 1999), and has subsequently been accepted in marketplace through over 125 applications around the globe and a ten year track record of successful field performance.  Its technical feasibility has been evaluated and supported through the publication of over 500 scientific papers [ ].  ETI’s clients include major U.S. government agencies such as the DoD and the DOE, and large industrial clients such General Electric, Rockwell and E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, have recognized ETI’s technology as offering the most cost-effective long-term alternative for remediation of chlorinated and recalcitrant compounds. 



ERS – Environmental Record Search, provides quality environmental products to assist a wide spectrum of entities:  governmental agencies, environmental firms, financial institutions, private companies, and even private individuals.  Our products can provide immediate historical, governmental, and environmental information on a specific property, NATIONWIDE.  For environmental firms, ERS products will eliminate the numerous tedious hours of research for the historical review required by the ASTM & EPA Phase I Environmental Site Assessments guidelines.  Aerial photographs and/or the one-mile radius government database research reports that are required in ASTM & EPA Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Reports are instantly (15 minutes or less) provided through our website,  For government agencies, the quick one-mile radius government database will identify if the property you are investigating has been identified as having any past or present environmental conditions by any and all other governmental agencies.   For financial institutions, when evaluating and completing due diligence on a commercial real estate loan for a property transaction, the lender check report provides extremely valuable environmental information for assisting in your financial decisions.  The Lender Check report not only provides all governmental listed environmental action sites within 1-mile of the subject site but, ranks the RISK with associated next step actions!  Reports are instantly (15 minutes or less) provided through our website,




ESRI employs more than 2,800 staff, more than 1,500 of whom are based in Redlands, California, at the world headquarters. ESRI offers employment opportunities to qualified professionals from around the world and has a richly diverse work force. With 11 regional offices in the United States, more than 75 international distributors, and users in more than 200 countries, ESRI stands ready to meet the needs of its user community and to set the standards for the GIS industry. ESRI is privately held, debt-free, and there are no plans for the company to go public or change ownership. The company's focus remains on producing excellent software and delivering exceptional service to users. We at ESRI believe that better information makes for better decisions. Our reputation is built on contributing our technical knowledge, our special people, and valuable experience to the collection, analysis, and communication of geographic information."



Springer (

Springer is one of the most renowned scientific publishing companies in the world with offices in Berlin, Heidelberg, Dordrecht, Paris, Milan, New York, Boston and New Delhi. Its publications cover subjects ranging from the natural sciences, mathematics, engineering and computer science to medicine and psychology. Since the merger with the Dutch scientific house Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP) in February 2004 Springer publishes more than 3,500 new books each year and 1,250 journals, most of which are also available in electronic form.   Springer is a company of the specialist publishing group Springer Science+Business Media, which now ranks second in the world in the science, technology and medicine (STM) sector.